A longer race than expected!

3 sail reaching

3 sail reaching

The third week of the TJV has just flown by, while we thought we would arrive in Itajai this week sadly it has been a bit of a slow race. Pip and I both have full time jobs to go back to so we have had to notify work that we will be arriving home a week later. Pip works for the RNLI in Poole and I work for Southern Ropes UK which is based near Hamble. We distribute rope from our warehouse there and all the rope is manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.

This week is METS which is the biggest yachting trade show in Holland. Southern Ropes will be there and we will be launching our new product, DK100 fibre sold as GP12. This is a new black UHMwPE fibre that we all use for lashings and core to our sheets, halyards and control lines. The fibre is 100% Black, this has not been done before but it is in house treated with a unique Thermofixation process and is Solution dyed, not coated. There is No post manufacture pigmentation and it has Superior UV resistance and therefore will not fade. The longevity of the rope has therefore increased.

I wish I could be there to help launch this exciting new product especially as I can the necessity for it as I sail across the ocean. The UV is eating into our lashings. The coating is coming off the rope and causing it to change colour and fade, looking very worn rather quickly. The DK100 will not do this and be easy to splice too. Please dont hesitate to visit our stand in hall 1 at METS this week or contact me in December if you would like to know more. Today we head inshore along the coast of Brazil. We are 3 sail reaching which is allowing me to have time to repair and maintain some of our important lashings on board.

The tight pack of 4 continue or speed game fighting for position. 4 boats all within 60nm of each other after 4000nm of sailing. Class 40 is a wonderful rule with so many different designs yet allowing us to sail so closely together. Who will win the drag race is the big question we have 1500nm to go to the finish and there is a light section of Cabo Frio predicted perhaps this will play the game out or maybe it will be how long will our repaired spinnaker last for (Pip put the final stitches in the kite today)?

We need to keep pushing as we sail down the Brazilian coast. Today has been the first day that we have seen traffic on the ocean for many days. Ships, fishing boats and fishing buoys, we are going to have to keep a good watch as we keep pushing the boat.


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