Across the Equator with The Pips

What more could you want than blue seas, blue skies, 15 knots of wind and a true wind angle of 90 to 110?

Concise 2 is in her element! Gennaker, stay sail and full main as we blast across the equator. This is familiar territory for Pip and I. This is my 3rd time across the equator and Pip’s sixth time across the equator. We have both done this route before too. It is wonderful to be back in the Southern Hemisphere my home.  It is hot and muggy on board but the breeze is keeping us cool.

We started today with full main and code zero. But this was not enough for Pip and I so we changed to the gennaker thinking that it was too tight but it was not. Concise  2 was happy sailing a long at 9.5 knots. This afternoon after we crossed the equator in the heat of the day and we put the stay sail up too. Our girl is moving now in the little bit of breeze we have. Pip is still sowing the spinaker back together as I took the helm and watched the gannets. The Gannets swooped and dived for fish. The flying fish are on form as they fly in schools out from under the boat.

Today we had a look at currents and the weather to come for the final leg of the race. The Brazilian coast is not an easy place to navigate with the oil fields. So the last bit of the race is not going to be easy one at all. But today was a big tick in the box making it into the southern hemisphere once more….

Absolutely devistaing news that we all had to wake up to this morning to hear about what happened in Paris last night. I cannot understand why someone could justify doing such horrible actions. Our thoughts are with all of those that were affected as we sail across the ocean tonight.

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