It’s Tough wet and wild!

Standing on the bow trying to pull the big jib down  in 30 plus knots. the water in front of me is black with white caps and the wind is trying to blow them flat but the sea is a couple of metres high.  i have all of my weight helping me try to pull the sail down and its not coming down. the bow is bouncing up and coming down with a slam. I get swept off my feet and all I can think of is where am I going to land. The sail is coming down slowly as it flaps vigorously in the wind. I get air born once more. I have my life jacket on, I am clipped on and my PLB is in my pocket but it is still nerve racking not knowing were you are going yo land. I land back on the deck but so many things pass through my mind. I slowly bit by bit get the sail to the deck. What a relief it is when it is down. I get down on my knees to put sail ties around the sail. now I am on all fours but still being thrown around. it is getting dark quickly and the white spray keeps hitting me in the eyes. Then the next wave comes over the deck I grab onto the guard wires to hold on to while the boat slams again and I get air born. I must get the sail ties on and get off the foredeck. I’m exhausted as I have already moved the water (200L) and the stack 3 times today. We have been reefing in and out to try keep our boat speed up.

The last 4 days have been tough on board Concise 2. We have been through 3 low pressures, one of which was not in the forecast and the wave height has not helped us either. Pip’s driving yesterday  was great. We had a cross sea state and we were getting thrown around as we slid over the waves. Pip managed to drive us through this while I sorted out a couple of computer issues. Pip and I have tried to bank sleep when we can and eat as much as we can. But we have not always been successful. Last night once we were through the last low we tacked over and have since been trying to recharge our systems with sleep and food.

The boat is so wet inside and out. You poke your head out of the hatch and get pummelled by freezing water immediately as the boat slams over the waves. It is no easy task sailing Concise 2 at the moment. Things are beginning to look up. We are heading South now and hopefully soon we will be sailing down wind and the conditions will be warmer and easier soon.

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