Change of Scene

Its Sunday afternoon and we are flying downwind to the west of the Cape Verde Islands. Sun is out, kite is up and there is white water rushing out from under the boat and we surf from one wave to the next. We are having fun, pushing the boat and making some good miles to […]

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Watching the dolphins

We have visitors

In the grey ocean beside the boat up pops a dolphin for air. The dolphin takes a breath and ducks down under the water again. You can see them under the water. Spotted dolphins screaming away at you. Yesterday and this morning at sun rise they spent several hour’s entertaining us. Some of them had […]

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The calm flat seas….

“Calm, flat seas with a gentle warm breeze as we head south in the darkness of the night. Between the clouds and the stars we slowly move along with the water lapping against the hull. Its a picturesque scene if we where cruising along but Concise 2 is racing and it we are trying to […]

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Looking forward

Rainbows by night in the swells

With a moonbow (rainbow by night)on the beam, rain squalls all around we wallow in the swells. There was very little wind to gain some momentum, the boat a bashes from side to side, the main sail bangs and the solent smashes against the radar dome, Concise 2 is stuck in a hole! We sat […]

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It's Tough wet and wild!

It’s Tough wet and wild!

Standing on the bow trying to pull the big jib down  in 30 plus knots. the water in front of me is black with white caps and the wind is trying to blow them flat but the sea is a couple of metres high.  i have all of my weight helping me try to pull the […]

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HedKandi Girls

With a vibrant hull and shocking pink spinnaker, Tony Lawson’s Class40, Concise 2 will be one of the most visible yachts amongst the 387 taking part in the 2015 Rolex Fastnet Race but there is more to Concise 2 than meets the eye. Phillippa Hutton-Squire leads an all-girl crew in partnership with The Ministry of […]

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RORC St. Malo Race

Sailing with an all girl team is all about planning and strategy. Girls are not as strong as the guys so we, the girls, need to think very carefully before we do anything. The RORC Cowes to St Malo race this weekend was a very tactical race. Even if it was a mostly straight line […]

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