The calm flat seas….

IMGA0086“Calm, flat seas with a gentle warm breeze as we head south in the darkness of the night. Between the clouds and the stars we slowly move along with the water lapping against the hull. Its a picturesque scene if we where cruising along but Concise 2 is racing and it we are trying to squeeze every point of a knot out of the little bit of wind we have. With everything in the bow now the boat is in full light wind mode trying to get the big stern out of the water. We are very glad that the stack is getting lighter to move as we make our way through the water supplies. Sipping on tea and Mums home made fruit cake we try to concentrate for as long as we can. Pip and I take it in turns to helm and trim. Pip has just wrapped herself in her blanket at the helm and switches the music on under the moon that has just risen. The moon looked like a orange segment rising over the horizon as the wind shifted and allowed our course to head south again.
Today was warm and we sailed with the gennaker for the whole day until the sun set and we came to a stop. The sun disappeared below the horizon and took the wind with it. Today we concentrated on staying in the west and getting south as quickly as possible. The GRIBS have been interesting pictures with arrows that make no sense. We asked monkey (on of our mascots) to find us a sensible grib a few days ago and now we are working off the GRIB from the 1st November as this the only one that we can make any sense out of. We are plotting the positions of our competitors so we can try and close the gap between us and the front leaders but I think they are just about to get richer as they escape the high pressure we are into the trade winds. We will just keep pushing on.

I have hardly seen any litter in the ocean so far. I have seen a couple of loose fishing buoys and water bottles. The bird life and sea life has been scarce too. It is very different from the southern Atlantic is full of birds and a different place. I am looking forward to having the birds to keep us company soon. The shipping traffic has decreased too. We are slowly starting to get that solidarity feeling of being in the middle of the ocean.

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